Rodney D. Gagnon

Mr. Gagnon is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional, and a Certified Intelligence investigator.  He specializing in national and international pre-litigation asset searching and post-judgment enforcement. His goal is to aid in recoveries by finding the deeper pattern: where the debtor is hiding, how the assets were fraudulently transferred to get them out of reach of the creditors, and most importantly the best tactics to get them back.

This includes: Documenting fraudulent transfers, Finding bank and investment account relationships, Locating hidden shell corporations (US based and off-shore), Finding transferred and hidden assets (boats, planes, real estate, etc.), Mapping out a detailed post-judgment recovery plan.

Mr. Gagnon has been a licensed private investigator for more than twenty-five years, specializing in asset searches for judgment enforcement, collateral recovery, corporate due-diligence, background investigation, and the locating of missing persons.

Mr. Gagnon also studied at Harvard University and has served on the New Hampshire Supreme Court Task Force on Public Access to Court Records (2004).  He was also a long standing Director and Treasurer of the New Hampshire League of Investigators ( and is currently the VP of Membership for the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (

Mr. Gagnon also served honorably in the United States Army.