CCW Course for Professionals

Professional Course: Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW)

Whether you’re an attorney, private investigator, business owner, or first responder, it is your responsibility to understand the intricacies of gun ownership, and learn how to mitigate risks of carrying concealed weapons at every possible turn.  As a responsible gun owner, the most important tool in your arsenal is information. 

Hosted by our team of experienced military personnel, this course will teach you how to safely, lawfully, and responsibly carry concealed weapons in your state. Our instructor is a retired Navy SEAL and fully licensed and trained to teach critical CCW techniques and policies.

As a professional, it is essential that you understand these laws to ensure you are never putting yourself or your business at risk. All counties require proof of a CCW course completion in order to obtain licensure, for which this course will suffice.

It is your duty to keep yourself and those around you safe. Contact our team today to secure your spot in our next CCW course for professionals and get the education you need.