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Get Your Free Confidential Case Analysis

Whether it’s corporate espionage, a financial fraudster, or an in-depth background report, Pilum has the experience and knowledge to complete the task.

Would you like all your questions answered FREE of charge?

We offer a free case analysis, customized specifically for your situation. You will get all your questions answered at no charge by an experienced investigator. The case analysis is completely unique and tailored to your specific case circumstances. We’ll answer all of your questions, make informed recommendations, and give you our opinion on what can be expected.

And the best news?  It’s all free and 100% confidential, with no obligation to hire us as your investigation firm.

Why Would We Offer a Free Case Analysis?

Simple. We have seen time and time again that companies with legitimate cases hire the wrong investigation team. When you need information, you’re under a lot of pressure. The last thing any company or individual wants is some investigation company you don’t know, making promises they can’t keep, in a case where they don’t have adequate experience or knowledge.

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All you have to do to get started is call us at 303-306-4756 or fill out the contact form on this page.  We will take your information, ensure that your situation qualifies, and then schedule your Case Analysis with one of our experienced investigators immediately.  You will talk to an investigator within 24 hours and have your Case Analysis within 72 hours.


We will respect the confidentiality of your information to the fullest extent. Everything sent or discussed is confidential.


Confidential Case Analysis