Protection Services

Advanced Security Planning & Risk Assessment

Pilum is effective because we fully understand the potential risks our clients will face while abroad. Our teams arrive prepared to avoid and/or reduce those risks. They will react properly while maintaining a comfort level suitable to the principal. Threat analysis, advance planning, logistics, and emergency response are principles that drive a successful protection mission.

Advanced security planning involves in-depth investigation. Planning and identifying unpredictable variables in a high-threat situation is just as important as developing solutions to the risk each variable represents.

Planning is typically conducted in three phases:

  • Pre-Advance – Meeting with the principal or executive assistant to collect all pertinent information.
  • Trip Advance – This involves the finalization of logistics and details discussed in the pre-advance with the principal.
  • Site Advance – An actual trip to the site before the principal arrives, physically going through the plan, inspecting all facilities, and conducting a security sweep. This is also a perfect opportunity to gather intelligence from the locals.

Below are brief examples of planning that is conducted in a security detail:

  • Principal Interview/Profile – What type of risk is involved with the principal? How much media attention is involved with the principal? Is the principal or company high profile? How wealthy is the company?
  • Itinerary – What is the overall objective of the assignment? Purpose of the trip?
  • Location – Where will the detail take place? Hotels, airports, meeting rooms, and office rooms, should all be taken into consideration.
  • Transportation – What vehicles will be used? What routes will be taken? Being in a vehicle is the biggest threat and this is when the principal is most vulnerable.

We design preventative risk solutions to the principal’s needs. Prevention is at the heart of planning. We implement solutions with the highest quality output and professional delivery often in the most demanding circumstances. Proper planning should be the core of every detail. Planning separates the difference between an average company and a great company like Pilum.