Investigation Services

Full Scope Background Search

When supporting a political candidate, promoting a C-level member, or reviewing a government applicant, you want to be absolutely sure that you are making a sound investment in your company’s future. In these cases, it is often tremendously helpful to perform a “deep dive background check”, exploring potential risks and factors that would not be uncovered in a simple standard background check.

Deep dives can uncover often hidden sources of concern such as a candidate’s history with substance abuse, incidences of dishonesty, or even personal and family connections that could pose a risk to your business. Before you appoint a board member, offer an employee a C-level role, share sensitive information with an employee, or place significant trust in a high-ranking individual, you deserve to know that they can be trusted.

How We Can Help You

At Pilum, our deep dive tactics will result in a thorough, timely report into an individual’s history and potential risk. We will conduct personal interviews, investigate financial records, explore digital outlets where important data may be hiding, and create a detailed portrait of any potential red flags we uncover. We can even conduct recurring reassessments of potentially risky employees to ensure no new dangerous activity has occurred.

Our full-scope investigations look into factors such as:

  • Instances of dishonesty
  • Recreational or prescribed substance abuse
  • Criminal behavior of all kinds
  • Personal conduct reports and accusations
  • Financial stability
  • Verification of education, employment, or associations
  • Reputation among acquaintances
  • Online behaviors and presence
  • Areas of Concern

Be Certain About Your Biggest Decisions

Whether you are sharing sensitive information or potentially putting someone in a position of great responsibility, you need to be absolutely sure there are no skeletons waiting to be found. Contact Pilum today to learn more about how we can help you leave no stone unturned.