Investigation Services


Pilum is a full service investigation firm.  We offer a range of interrelated services that go hand and hand including: Corporate Investigations, Civil Investigation, Financial Forensic Investigation,  Deep Dive Background Searches, Criminal Defense, Digital Forensic Investigation, and EEO Investigation services.  Click on each link to view more.

Corporate Investigation: In today’s work environment, protecting sensitive information can be extremely difficult. Whether you suspect internal fraud, a corrupt officer, or need to invest in a joint venture, our multi-disciplinary team of experts can be your partner to investigate business and financial misconduct with speed and discretion, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

Financial Forensic Investigation: Whether they be personal or business-related, claims of financial wrongdoing have the potential to damage reputations, alter lives, and destroy relationships. Because of this, it is critical to rely on thorough, unbiased financial forensic investigation to determine the true cause of these conflicts and uncover any underlying details that help tell a clearer story.

Civil Investigation: Winning a civil lawsuit is not just about telling the truth, it is about compiling overwhelming evidence to support the truth you are telling. In most cases, that means relying heavily on a team of expert investigators who can uncover, collect, and document essential information to use in civil trials.

Deep Dive Background Search: When supporting a political candidate, promoting a C-level member, or reviewing a government applicant, you want to be absolutely sure that you are making a sound investment in your company’s future.

Criminal Defense Investigation:  In a criminal case, the investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team. The investigator’s role hinges on finding facts which may lead to reasonable doubt, and doing so in a timely, well-documented manner.

Digital Forensic Investigation: As technology becomes more complex, digital forensic investigations have become more and more essential to building a winning case for clients. Whether it is recovering evidence thought to be deleted, or using digital technologies to create unquestionable timelines, having an experienced forensic investigator on your side can place your client at a significant advantage.

EEO Investigation:  Even in scenarios when no transgression has occurred, a single complaint being filed can do serious damage to your and your company’s reputation if you do not take proper actions to rectify it.

Litigation Support: At Pilum, our investigators have decades of experience tracing and locating assets, conducting detailed explorations, speaking to witnesses and compiling tangible and admissible evidence for litigation proceedings.

(TSCM) – Bug Sweep: In today’s world, almost anyone can easily and cheaply acquire surveillance devices, or bugs, that can be used to invade your privacy. Security countermeasures are a vital component for protecting information, assets, and confidentiality.