Investigation Services

Investigation Services throughout Mexico, Central, and South America

Individuals and businesses living or investing internationally are facing a hostile environment — especially throughout Central and South America. Whether it be personal disputes, professional protections or legal challenges, having the right investigation team on your side can help you avoid dangerous risks.

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Pilum Defense Agency has years of experience helping clients throughout Mexico, Central and South America find the facts they need to protect themselves, their families and their business. Our expert personnel have handled hundreds of cases, using innovative tactics and unbreakable determination to provide our clients with the truth they need.

Services We Provide in Latin America

Pilum can provide the following professional services for clients throughout Latin America:

  • Conducting background checks on people and businesses in Mexico Missing Person Investigations
  • Investigating crimes such as kidnappings
  • Assessing and counteracting risk of all kinds
  • Antibribery
  • Performing site security assessments of your property or business
  • Uncovering financial information from bank accounts
  • Conducting and supervising property checks
  • Providing business intelligence solutions and reports
  • Helping you manage travel risks
  • Locating hidden or missing assets
  • Providing high risk executive protection (with armed and vetted personnel)

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Whether you are currently residing in a Latin American nation personally or simply have business or personal interests across borders, Pilum Defense is the investigative team you can turn to when you need real answers fast. We work with individuals, business owners, managers and attorneys of all kinds to ensure the truth comes out no matter what it takes.