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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) – “Bug Sweep”

In today’s world, almost anyone can easily and cheaply acquire surveillance devices, or bugs, that can be used to invade your privacy. Security countermeasures are a vital component for protecting information, assets, and confidentiality.

Foreign governments, competing corporations, and private information gatherers frequently resort to the use of electronic surveillance devices to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Others may use it to obtain compromising information that can be employed for a variety of uses ranging from simple embarrassment to blackmail.

Even the most vigilant security measures cannot rule out all incidents of illegal activity, clandestine or covert efforts, and devices that can compromise sensitive information, privacy, and confidentiality.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), or “bug sweeps” can help individuals and businesses protect their privacy. The process involves the use of specialized electronic equipment and numerous other tests to thoroughly inspect or examine an area of concern. This is can be conducted to confirm or rule out the presence of electronic devices which range from simple transmitters; remote-controlled devices; very small cameras; sophisticated GSM transmitting devices; even GPS trackers affixed to a vehicle.

Despite all efforts to provide a private work environment, companies, attorneys, and individuals must anticipate and protect against breaches of confidentiality. The most vigilant levels of security cannot totally preempt invasions of privacy, eavesdropping, and corporate espionage. A proactive approach and periodic assessments are essential to stay on top of these viable threats.

Pilum has extensive experience performing TCSM sweeps. They are not just for the benefit of finding a clandestine device or nefarious activity, but also to highlight vulnerabilities in the containment of sensitive, proprietary, and confidential information.

TSCM inspections, investigation techniques, and site security/vulnerabilities go hand-in-hand. If you would like to discuss your situation and arrange for a full security assessment, please contact us.