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Workplace investigations are crucial in resolving workplace disputes. They are time-consuming and carry a high risk of legal liability. When done correctly, they require a complex combination of skill and experience. Those who attempt them without a solid understanding of their fundamentals are dangerously naive.

Employers are held accountable for conducting an in-depth and timely review of employee complaints. Internally managed investigations, however, face a number of challenges. Employees frequently perceive them as biased, putting Human Resource Professionals in an awkward position, particularly when senior-level or management personnel are involved.

Human Resource Professionals have a vested interest in safeguarding their important working relationships with client groups, and they frequently lack the resources required to conduct these time-sensitive investigations. Human Resource Professionals who lack an effective process may spend more time and resources than necessary, produce inconsistent results, and create unnecessary liabilities for those they serve.

What is a Workplace Investigation?

A workplace investigation is a methodical, objective, and independent process of determining the facts surrounding an incident that occurred in the workplace. It entails deliberating over a complaint or grievance for specific misconduct, policy violations, or unethical behavior to reach a final decision and determine the best course of action. This process’s success depends on strict confidentiality, extensive documentation, and an objective lens throughout the investigation.

Persons Involved in an Investigation

The following individuals are involved in the investigation:

  • Complainant – the person who filed the grievance or complaint
  • Respondent – the individual accused of the violation or misdeed
  • Witness – someone who knows the events through observation or personal experience.
  • Investigator – a Human Resources (HR) officer, professional, legal team, unit or department head, or an independent third party who is in charge of determining the facts of the case.

Purpose of Investigation

These investigations are conducted by businesses for a variety of reasons. The central goal is to determine what truly occurred in a specific incident through an intensive fact-finding process. To make this work, investigators collect information from all parties via interviews, documents, and other sources and compile it for further investigation and analysis. Companies can achieve the following objectives through workplace investigations:

  • Detect organizational violations and misbehavior
  • Determine the source of the misconduct
  • Ensure compliance with existing policies and regulations
  • Identify potential areas for improvement in the operations
  • Keep unjust claims away from the organization and its reputation
  • Improve current policies and practices to create a healthier workplace

Professional Services Includes:

Whether you are a large organization, government entity, or small business looking for cost-effective solutions, Pilum can help. Our professional investigative process includes the following:

  • Prompt, objective, and thorough reviews of complaints
  • A detailed review of relevant policies and procedures
  • In-person or telephone interviews of the parties involved
  • A comprehensive investigative report
  • Recommendations for corrective and disciplinary action when requested

Our team is experienced in investigating employee theft, dishonesty, fraud, white-collar crime, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, substance abuse, threats of violence, and violent behavior in the work environment.

Choose the Expert Investigator

When conducted properly, investigations can help to protect the organization’s interests by identifying wrongdoings and supporting the employer with fair, objective, and informed decision-making. Investigations must be followed fairly and consistently, which can be difficult if the person in charge is not trained or experienced. Our goal is to resolve issues without the intervention of outside counsel and the media while protecting your organization’s reputation. If you require assistance, our team at Pilum Defence can provide you with a variety of investigative services. To learn more about how we can assist you, please get in touch with us today or call (303) 306-4756.