Protection Services

Close Protection

It’s a dangerous world out there. There are an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 kidnappings, detentions, and extortions happening every year around the world. Additionally, the number of Americans traveling to volatile areas of the world has increased by nearly 50 percent since 2000. Add to that mix the fact that prospective customers are more than twice as likely to commit to a sale if a meeting is in person. At Pilum we know you need to travel to make your business succeed. We are here to protect you at home and abroad.

Pilum is not a cadre of “bodyguards.” Our elite operators provide unparalleled protection in potentially dangerous high-threat situations. We combine intelligence gathering with operational security procedures to protect you from a full range of threats. We believe the best defense against a potential threat is to remain undetected.

Local coverage
High-profile individuals, including executives, athletes, and celebrities, frequently require discreet but comprehensive protective services for themselves and their families and associates. Pilum provides door-to-door coordination of security, including armed or unarmed escorts, secure transportation, and meticulous route and contingency planning, allowing the client to focus on the business—or leisure—at hand.

Pilum’s team is licensed for work throughout Colorado and works closely with protective services in other states to ensure point-to-point coverage for clients traveling across state borders.

International protective services
Likewise, high profile individuals sometimes must travel through dangerous territory while managing their business interests. Pilum’s experienced team can make such persons nearly invisible—and therefore keep them safe—during their journeys. We weigh political, social, and environmental factors to properly time and route trips, surveil and secure the physical path into the target territory, carefully prepare for contingencies, and provide expert close protection to the asset and his or her traveling party.

Our skilled protection operators provide the best executive protection services and personal security details. They are professionals both in their actions and appearance. The physical skills necessary to work in the protection field can be taught, but the dedication, discretion, and integrity necessary to do the job are common traits at Pilum.

We educate our clients on the evolution of a protection detail. Protection details are based on research and preparation. Pilum understands that the simplest steps can make a big difference to an executive’s security. We are committed to providing the highest level of protection services to our clients.

Our commitment to you
We understand that your reputation, as well as our own, is on the line when you rely on our results. Every person at Pilum fiercely protects the solid ethical framework that guides—and limits—every action we take on your behalf. We are committed to exemplifying the highest levels of ethical behavior and good character