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Our Core Values | Pilum Defense Agency LLCPilum’s core values support our vision, shape our culture, and are the essence of our company’s identity.  When it comes to identifying those who exemplify Pilum’s Core Values, there are none better than the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces. Our experience in combat environments has given us invaluable knowledge and has taught us important principles.  These are some time-honored values we hold at Pilum.

Professionalism embodies all the attributes mentioned here. When we put on our uniforms, not only were we extremely well trained in our discipline, but we were also committed to ethical selfless service by putting the needs and goals of the nation, the military, and our units ahead of our personal needs and interest.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and skill set to complete any investigation task. More importantly, it’s our adherence to ethical behavior that sets us apart.

Commitment is the spirit of determination found in military members.  It is what compels us to serve our nation and to continue on when others quit.

We are committed to great investigation services – to never give up on clients, to be tenacious, and most of all, to stay the long-term course of our responsibilities.

In the chaos of battle, character matters. It’s acting with honesty and honor while making the morally right decision under duress and stressful situations.

Pilum investigators act with ethical principles in all circumstances, even if no one is watching.  We are transparent so that confidence is secured and maintained with our clients.

Our battle-tested men and women make instantaneous combat decisions. Due diligence is necessary to make the right strategic decisions, avoiding costly casualties on the battlefield.

Pilum investigators have the ability to recognize the most seemingly innocuous piece of information for the potential game changer it is.  Our thorough efforts continually influence the outcome of cases.

A military unit is only as strong as its weakest link. Every individual has a part to play; whether it’s the intelligence leader at the top, the commander in the middle, or the Marine, Soldier, or Sailor on the ground.

Understanding this concept of teamwork is essential in all types of investigation work.  Each member of Pilum understands the overall objective of the investigation/mission. We trust each other and it shows in our ability to get the best out of each other as members of a team.

There is often much at stake, and clients cannot afford to hear excuses for why something was not properly executed. They expect results and that is what we provide. While the military puts a high value on human life, individuals are often called to put a mission ahead of their own comforts and interests. This is mainly because the lives of others depend on the success of a mission—and as we know, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

It is imperative that each investigator has a clear view of the objective at hand.  Loyalty to our clients is of utmost importance.

Often times military personnel find themselves in extremely uncomfortable situations. They demonstrate a willingness to climb out of their comfort zone. They find ways to make bad situations work to their advantage. They adapt to their environment no matter in any “clime or place.”

Expecting the unexpected comes with the territory in investigation work. There’s always a surprise waiting around the corner in every case and it’s important to remain flexible. We are accustomed to ongoing irregularities and adapt to the situation.

There’s a fair amount of mental and physical stamina needed in order to serve in the military. Most situations are extremely stressful and include sporadic hours and little sleep. The coping mechanism of military members needs to be intact if ultimate success is to be achieved.

We experience very similar working conditions. Long hours and unexpected schedules are just another part of the job.  Sleep is often a luxury when a case is coming to its culmination. We also deal with many stressful situations where endurance is a requirement.

Long waiting periods are often the key to success in many military situations. If you can out-wait your enemy, you have won the majority of the battle. But, another part of patience is in the planning. Battlefield commanders can spend as long as a few weeks coming up with ways to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses.

Our investigators take their time when gathering evidence and organizing solutions. Failure to be patient during these important processes can result in a myriad of mistakes and wasted effort. From start to finish, Pilum investigators are meticulous in every step; strategizing as they go.

To deal with an ever-changing threat environment, the US Military must continually develop, explore, and implement new technologies, systems, methods, and operational concepts.  

Innovation gives Pilum a competitive advantage.  We leverage cutting-edge technology and forensic methods.  We have direct access to multiple proprietary investigative and non-investigative databases.  We pride ourselves in forward-thinking methods.

We believe it is these qualities that make us stand out as a firm. Clients from all walks of life have trusted us because our reputation stands as one of the best in the industry. The same way we rely on each other to do our respective parts, so too do our clients rely on us to deliver what we promise.