Pistol I / Colorado Hand Gun Permit

Pilum: Firearms Training Course: Pistol I / CCW

If you have little-to-no experience handling a firearm, are new to owning a pistol, are looking to purchase a handgun, or want a Concealed Carry Permit, this course is for you.

Course Content: Basic Fundamentals of Firearm Ownership & Operation

Owning a firearm is a tremendous responsibility. We invite you into a non-intimidating environment to learn the fundamentals of firearm ownership, starting with safety. Firearms familiarity and skills training will help you feel confident, comfortable, and prepared to select your handgun and accessories. We teach you weapons awareness, ready positions, shooting fundamentals, the Colorado laws of concealed carry, and how to confidently and adequately handle your firearm.

This course covers:

  • Accessories and gear you’ll need to get familiar with
    • Ear and eye protection
    • Holster
    • Magazine pouches & loaders
    • Range bag
    • Safe and/or vault
    • Cleaning kit
    • Range & defensive ammo
  • Handgun selection
    • We cover usage considerations like home defense, concealed carry, target shooting, and competition
  • Firearm fit
    • Grip, weight, how it feels when you point it
  • Basics of firearm operation
    • Can you operate the gun you’ve selected? Can you load magazines and operate/load the firearm in a hurry, if needed?
    • Skills practice
  • Hands-on training
    • Specifics
    • Students have the opportunity to shoot different types of guns
    • Practice grips and posture
    • Range etiquette: how to properly uncase a firearm at the firing line, how to properly hang targets, proper loading & unloading
    • Breathing techniques and taking your time with fundamentals
  • Classroom review

CCW: Concealed Carry Permit

Looking to get your Colorado CCW? Building on firearms basics and fundamentals, this course covers all the essentials of Colorado State Law. We cover concealed handgun selection and a variety of carrying methods and correlating draw techniques for each method. You can obtain your certificate and permit after completing the final exam.

Course Instructors

Pilium employs former military and law enforcement personnel for all training, security, and investigations. Top-rated, certified, experienced instructors teach all Pilum firearms courses.


This course requires no previous firearms experience, including classroom and range time. Once completed, it lays the groundwork for future training (Pistol II and III) and is a prerequisite to taking those courses.

What does Pilum do?

Pilum is a veteran-owned and veteran-run company founded by former U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel. We use cutting-edge technology and top-tier training to provide close security, armed security, private investigations, background checks, and more. We also provide firearm training courses to ensure gun-owners are as prepared and knowledgeable as they can be.

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