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Forensic Accounting and Financial Forensic Investigation

Whether personal or business-related, claims of financial wrongdoing have the potential to damage reputations, alter lives, and destroy relationships. Because of this, it is critical to rely on thorough, unbiased financial forensic investigation to determine the true cause of these conflicts and uncover any underlying details that help tell a clearer story.

Pilum Defense Agency has been called upon to conduct financial investigations for a variety of reasons. We take pride in our reputation for thorough and clear reports and our extensive experience assisting the parties in reaching a cost-effective and timely resolution.

Understanding Financial Forensic and Forensic Accounting Investigations

Financial forensics is a field that incorporates criminal investigation skills with financial auditing skills to detect criminal financial activity within or outside of an organization. Financial forensics can be used to investigate terrorism and other criminal activity, provide oversight to private-sector and government organizations, and assess organizations’ vulnerability to fraudulent activity.

On the other hand, forensic accounting examines an individual’s or business’s finances using accounting, auditing, and investigative skills. Forensic accounting seeks to uncover the truth rather than just the numbers in a case. Accountants investigate financial transactions such as fraud and embezzlement, which can help prevent further crimes and tighten compliance efforts.

Our Financial or Forensic Professional Services

Allegations of financial fraud, corruption, and irregularities can result in financial loss, regulatory reprimand, and reputational harm. We assist our clients in quickly learning the facts, minimizing damage, and protecting their reputations.  Among our areas of expertise are:

  • Investigations into bribery and corruption
  • Asset-tracking inquiries and litigation
  • Analysis of bank statements and funds flow
  • Complex international financial investigative cases
  • Analyzing financial data
  • Evidence from experts and fact witnesses
  • Evaluation of financial reporting and disclosure
  • Audits of forensic evidence
  • Asset advisory services
  • Investigations into fraud and misappropriation
  • Fraud risk evaluations
  • Litigation of funding risk management
  • Review and correction of internal controls
  • Internal examinations and litigation
  • Investigations into Ponzi schemes
  • Quantification of damages
  • Reconstruction of financial risk transactions

How We Can Help You

Our financial investigation reports are unlike any other in the industry in that they paint a complete picture of each subject we investigate. We conduct a comprehensive search of each subject, followed by a manual search of all relevant open sources, public records, and proprietary databases. These searches allow our investigators to lawfully uncover asset information and create a detailed investigation timeline.

We don’t find the information in databases; we go outside the box. Our investigators are trained in non-traditional methods, including deep internet and social media searches. We also understand the importance of confidentiality.

Comprehensive Risk and Fraud Investigation

Every financial or forensics investigation has its unique challenges, so it is important to choose investigators who have been there before. At Pilum, we’ve delved into nearly every type of financial focus, including: bank accounts, brokerage accounts, business affiliations, employment, real estate holdings, aircraft, vessels, RV’s, intellectual property, professional licenses, UCC filings, bankruptcy filings, judgments, liens, DMV and Motor Vehicle Records, civil, and criminal records.

Whether you are looking to protect your assets, clear your name or reclaim what is rightfully yours, Pilum can help. Trust your financial investigations to a team that was built on integrity, diligence, and innovation.

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Our experienced forensic financial investigators conduct financial forensic and fraud investigations in a variety of situations. These highly skilled group reports and covers both civil and criminal fraud offenses, such as false representation, failure to disclose information, and abuse of position. We are considered an expert in the field of tracking down assets and reporting on alleged criminal proceeds.

We collect evidence and access data stored on computers and other devices using cutting-edge techniques and only offer the best solutions. Our financial forensic investigators keep up to date on the latest developments and emerging technologies in computer forensics, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and other electronic systems. For further assistance on any financial case,  call Pilum today for more information!