Investigation Services

Litigation Support

At Pilum, our investigators have decades of experience tracing and locating assets, conducting detailed explorations, speaking to witnesses and compiling tangible and admissible evidence for litigation proceedings.

How We Can Help You

When you work with Pilum, your goals are our goals. We’ll dig deep into the facts of your case, conducting personal and digital investigations to find even the smallest evidence supporting your or your business’s position. We’ll simultaneously look to uncover information that clarifies your stance, while also working to find details that undermine your opponent’s claims and credibility.

Our experienced team will even provide strategic advice that may help shorten the litigation process and strengthen your argument.

Some of the core functions our litigation experts perform include:

  • Tracing assets and transactions
  • Conducting complicated witness interviews
  • Searching for data breaches
  • Performing forensic accounting
  • Examining raw data for evidentiary potential
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Conducting witness background investigations
  • Making strategic recommendations

Make Litigation Less Daunting With Pilum

Before you enter into a litigation battle, make sure you are armed with support from a team that can help you find the facts fast, build a better case, and position yourself for positive results. Contact the Pilum team today.