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Workplace Investigation

Successful workplace investigations are complex undertakings. They are time-consuming and fraught with enormous potential for legal liability. When done properly, they combine an intricate mixture of skill and experience. Those who attempt them without an adequate understanding of their fundamentals are recklessly naive.

Employers are held responsible for conducting a thorough and prompt review of employee complaints. However, investigations that are managed internally face several challenges. Employees routinely perceive them as biased, and Human Resource Professionals can be placed in an awkward position, especially if senior-level or management personnel are involved.

Human Resource Professionals also have a vested interest in protecting the important working relationships they have with client groups and often don’t have the resources they need to conduct these time-sensitive investigations. Lacking an effective process, Human Resource Professionals can often spend more time and resources than necessary, produce inconsistent results, and create unnecessary liabilities for those they serve.

What We Can Do for You:

Whether you are a large organization, government entity, or small business looking for cost-effective solutions, Pilum can help. Our professional investigative process includes:

  • Prompt, objective, and thorough reviews of complaints
  • Detailed review of relevant policies and procedures
  • In-person or telephone interviews of parties involved
  • A comprehensive investigative report
  • Recommendations for corrective and disciplinary action when requested.

Our investigators are experienced in conducting investigations relative to matters involving employee theft, dishonesty, fraud, white-collar crime, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, substance abuse, threats of violence, and violent behavior in the workplace.

Start Building a More Secure Workplace Now

Our goal is to resolve issues without the intervention of outside counsel and the media while protecting your organization’s reputation.