When it comes to real estate investments, assets can pile up quickly — but so can the risks to your financial future. That quickly became clear to one recent client of ours who invests in the distressed residential real estate sector as well as providing residential mortgage servicing and securitization.

Here’s What Happened

Pilum was entrusted with the investigation of a $173 Million portfolio, much of which was high-dollar real estate assets valued at over $1,000,000 each. Pilum was tasked with assisting the client in determining whether foreclosures on the high-dollar assets resulted from legitimate insolvency or bad faith calculated filings.

Pilum, employing forensic accounting and fraud/asset investigation measures, audited the title holders of the real estate assets. Our results speak for themselves:

We discovered over $70 Million in total assets, in addition to the portfolio (collateral), resulting in a 40% increase in the value of assets that can be pursued.

The assets we discovered included things like:

  • Yearly Income
  • Hidden Bank Accounts
  • Hidden Brokerage/Investment Accounts
  • Secondary Real Estate Holdings
  • Rental Income
  • Businesses
  • Illicit Funds

Naturally, our client was ecstatic to discover the tremendous opportunities and assets hiding under the surface of their portfolio, and are now thriving more than ever.

What Can Pilum Do for You?

We provide these same types of investigation services to asset managers, lawyers, and other financial professionals across the spectrum of businesses. Possessing the right information is essential in gaining leverage in negotiations and is vital for pre and post litigation support.

Contact us today to see how Pilum can help you ensure you are not missing out on opportunities or putting your business at risk.