There is a lot of turmoil in the news today about the protection of private property and businesses. More and more business owners are considering hiring security agents to help keep their properties and employees safe. Proactive security can prevent looting, unexpected break-ins, manage hostile work environments, and disgruntled and dangerous employees. Having experienced security personnel on-site can be essential for both safety and peace of mind.

But, for those unfamiliar with armed security, understanding how to explore safe options and make a smart hire can be confusing and overwhelming. Here’s what you should know—and what you should look for—when hiring armed security support.

Consider accreditation, licensing, and experience
To become an armed security agent in Colorado, applicants must successfully work their way through several levels of training programs. People wishing to become security agents must also have a driver’s license, pass specific background checks (including maintaining a clean driving record and having no criminal record), and provide non-family references, among several other pertinent checks and balances.

Only after making it through these training sessions and tests are people able to receive the right to carry a weapon and become armed security agents. Once accredited, security agents receive a card stating they have earned the right to safely carry a gun while on duty.

Asking to see a copy of this card is an integral part of your process for vetting potential security agents, but it shouldn’t be your only checkpoint.

Plan to do your own research, too. Double-check whether your potential security agent has a criminal record if they’ve had their security guard card or driver’s licenses revoked, and ensure all accreditations, training, and proper paperwork are accurate and up-to-date.

Make insurance inquiries
As with so many other services that involve working on your private property or business, you should be sure any security agent applicant you’re considering for the job has adequate insurance coverage. Proper insurance will protect you and your property from having to cover any fiscal responsibilities if there’s an accident or liability.

Make sure your security agent applicant holds a policy that covers you, your business, anyone visiting your property, your business clients, and your employees. Check with your county and state to also make sure that applicants’ insurance aligns with the specific needs of an armed security agent in your locality.

Do a “gut check”
First impressions go a long way when hiring a security agent you’ll be able to trust for years to come. As a result, it’s a good idea to set up an in-person meeting with security agent applicants so you can conduct a one-on-one interview.

This is an important and telling indicator of a good or poor security agent applicant. Why? Because the hiring of any security agent means also taking a careful look at not just their skills and accreditation, but their personality and ethics. And, although an applicant may look perfect on paper, they may not feel not quite right in person.

Remember, this is a person that will be on your property, interacting with your employees and potential clients or customers—all while carrying a firearm. Finding someone with a temperate personality who is confident in their skills and exemplifies ethical behavior is key.

Ahead of interviewing applicants, put together a list of questions that can help you gauge the applicant’s judgment, skills, and ability to follow company rules or your professional protocols.
Run these potential scenarios by each applicant and ask how they’d respond or problem-solve through each situation.

Be sure to take note of your applicant’s communication skills, as well. The person you hire should be able to take good daily notes for reporting back to you. And, even more importantly, they should have strong empathy and exemplary interpersonal skills to lean on when working to diffuse dangerous interactions with anyone who may pose a potential threat.

How Pilum Defense can help
We focus on quality and safety when it comes to all of our services—and with armed security, we have particularly high standards for all operations.

When partnering with our armed security team, you take the guesswork out of the vetting process outlined above. Our team is trustworthy and professionally trained in protective and armed security. All of our security agents retain a variety of skills, including:

    • Regular training sessions to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and skills (including local, county, and state regulations)
    • Weapons handling and management
    • Security strategies and investigation analysis

This background helps us work proactively to prevent situations and manage stressful security challenges quickly and effectively.

Learn more about our armed security services
For trusted, ethical, and comprehensive private investigation, Pilum Defense is here to help. Contact us today, or give us a call at (303) 306-4756 to learn more about how we can keep your property or business safe. We look forward to working with you!