When it comes to building winning legal cases, good lawyers are essential. But, without evidence to substantiate claims, there’s no clear path to winning a case. This is particularly true when it comes to civil law. Partnering with an experienced private investigator, one with civil investigation experience, is the only way to ensure you have solid and compelling evidence to support your case. 

What is a civil investigation?

Civil investigations most often involve a court action or litigation. But, they may also stem from instances in which a criminal act has occurredin this case, a victim may file a civil action in order to collect any damages for injuries.

The civil investigation process can be confusing, and most people don’t realize that law enforcement does not investigate civil caseswhich is why hiring a private investigator (PI) is essential.

How a private investigator benefits civil cases

There are several common types of civil investigations. Hiring a skilled PI in any of the examples listed below will ensure you have the proper support to present your court case or pursue a legal claim.  Your PI will work closely with your lawyer to gather, research, and analyze crucial evidence for your unique situation.

Common civil investigations include:

Personal injury: If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may be able to build a case or claim for restitution. Evidence gathered through a civil investigation can help discern liability in a car or bike accident, or figure out if a land or business owner’s negligence caused your accident.  

Workers’ compensation: Could your employee be making a fraudulent claim against you or your company regarding a recent workplace injury? A civil investigator can go through due diligence and evidence-gathering to determine if there may be insurance fraud regarding an injury claim.

Business-related disputes: Breach of contract, fraud, trademark issues, wrongful termination, construction claims, and morea civil investigation will get to the bottom of multiple corporate issues. 

Missing persons and witness location: Tracking down a person, whether they be purposefully hiding or missing under questionable circumstances, is a complex endeavor. A PI working this type of case can gather essential evidence and informationand stay on the case as long as needed to help find a loved one or person of interest.

Domestic violence: Through surveillance and other investigative tactics, an investigative team can help decipher if you have a case and collect evidence. Additionally, and even more importantly, a good civil investigator can help you get the help you need and safely remove you or your loved one from a dangerous situation.

Child custody or abuse: Finding information and evidence in this type of case is delicate. An experienced investigator can help you gather important informationwithout further jeopardizing a child. Results from this type of investigation are generally used in divorce proceedings or to investigate a childcare provider.

Because of the nuances involved with civil investigationand the often very delicate nature of surveillance work tied to these casesenlisting a private investigator is key. With their professional perspective and specialized skills, a PI is a great asset to your civil case’s legal team. Again, without their help, assistance, and expertise, you may be sacrificing important input to help your case come to positive fruition quickly and effectively. 

What happens next

If you’re looking for assistance with a civil case, our team at Pilum Defence can help you with a variety of investigative support. Our skills and experience include working with legal teams, managing surveillance, organizing and analyzing research results and evidence, and so much more. Contact us today or give us a call at (303) 306-4756 to find out more about how we can help you.