Hiring a business consultant can help energize your company and boost your profits. However, if the “expert” doesn’t live up to expectations, you could find yourself staring down the barrel of a massive monetary loss. In some cases, the expert’s performance may be so lacking that it amounts to fraud.

Such was the case with a recent client who found out their expert had no intention of following through on his promise to help the company rein in new business. Luckily, they came to Pilum for help.

Here’s What Happened

Our client, a large manufacturing company, hired a relationship expert (our subject) to help generate leads, drive new sales and accelerate their business growth. Our subject boasted a history of helping businesses skyrocket, and made promises to do the same for our client.

Over the short time span the Subject was affiliated with our client, he produced ZERO results. He allegedly scheduled numerous meetings with potential leads, made claims of massive contracts that were always “in the works”, and then suddenly quit.

In the end, the Subject was paid more than $100,000 for his services and in return he did not produce a single viable lead.

How Pilum Turned the Tables

It became clear to our client that the Subject had no real intentions of providing the services he originally promised — but they simply couldn’t prove it. That’s where we came in.

We got to work doing a deep dive into the Subject’s background and the case at hand. Some of the investigative techniques we employed included:

*Verifying the Subject’s entire employment history
*Running a financial forensic asset search of the Subject
*Reviewing the Subject’s travel receipts and reimbursed expenses
*Conducting personal interviews to verify the Subject’s client interactions
*Investigating civil and criminal records related to the Subject

Through our detailed investigation, we were able to uncover clear proof that the Subject was not only committing fraud, but that he had done it before AND gotten away with it.

Driving ROI for Our Client

In addition to helping our client mount a convincing case against this corporate fraudster, we were able to save them money along the way. Our client was more than willing to pay for a variety of highly intensive investigative measures to crack this case if necessary. Because our initial investigation was so thorough and produced very clear answers, we advised the client against spending additional time or resources.

Some investigation companies are happy to complete unnecessary field work just to drive up a price tag. At Pilum, all we care about is getting you the answers you need, and wasting time and money is never part of that equation.

How Pilum Can Help You Prevent Corporate Fraud

During the course of this particular investigation, we noted a few potential areas of improvement for our client and helped them implement some corporate fraud precautions.

Whether you fear a corporate fraudster is putting your business at risk or would simply like to ensure that none ever have the chance, the Pilum team can help. Get in touch today.